Oct 052007

We had a bit of a scare with Happy (formerly Abby until Sophie couldn’t pronounce it) this afternoon.  I pulled her out of her cage to help introduce her to the concept of being handled regularly, and she leapt out of my hands and made a rather icky “splut” sound as she hit the floor.  She flopped over on her side and lay there, motionless.  My heart in my throat, I picked her up and she wound up on her back, legs pointed straight up in the air, her breath irregular.

I poked at her a bit, massaging her little chest, doing a sort of CPR, but there was no immediate reaction.  As I held her there in the palm of my hand, feeling terrible and certain she was going to die, she suddenly twisted around and tried to climb off my hand again.

So I set her back in her cage, and she sort of bumbled her way into her little house.  I watched her on and off over the course of the day, and she seems to have completely recovered — a few minutes ago she was running on her wheel, and now she’s eating.


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