Oct 212007

We have an ongoing thread on the mozilla.dev.mdc newsgroup talking about how to make the Mozilla Developer Center web site better.  A general theme is about adding more and better documentation, but right now what I’m more interested in (in terms of this particular discussion) is actual infrastructure, design, and architecture improvements we can make.  We should be finally getting some resources to work on these sorts of improvements soon, and I need to have a list of ideas ready to present to them so they can actually work on them.

So aside from the planning phase we’re in right now, this shouldn’t impact the pace of writing and deploying new content (except that one of our goals is to increase contributions from others going forward by making contributing easier to do).

You can see a list of the ideas that have been brought up so far, or participate in the discussion in the newsgroup.

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  3 Responses to “Kicking around ideas for making MDC better”

  1. From the list of features it almost looks like you want to consider using tikiwiki (the software sumo is using). Worth looking at at least.

  2. The news: URLs may not work for some people, because the Mozilla newsgroups are not fed to Usenet. It would be best to include the server name:

  3. Well, switching wikis isn’t something that’s likely to happen at this point. :)

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