Oct 252007

My daughter’s had an unfortunate stomach bug of some kind for a few days now.  Every time she eats, she winds up getting sick.  We joked before I left on this trip to Toronto for FSOSS that it would figure if I caught it and wound up sick up here.

Turns out that’s exactly what happened.  I feel quite under the weather.  I’m going to try to eat a light lunch (probably just some simple bread-like substance) and see what happens.  If it flares back up again, I’ll probably isolate myself for the duration of FSOSS — I’d hate to decimate the open source community by sharing this thing.  Ugh.

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  2 Responses to “Timing is everything”

  1. You’d hate to “reduce by a 10th” the open source community?

  2. Decimate, reduce by a tenth. Whatever. :)

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