Oct 262007

Made it over to FSOSS today, thankfully.  The majority of the presentations I really wanted to see were yesterday (go figure), but still, there are a couple today I’m looking forward to, and of course there are people I want to bump into and talk to.  In particular, there’s a session on  analyzing participation in wiki projects that sounds like it applies directly to my work on the Mozilla Developer Center, which is potentially exciting.

The strange thing for me about events like this is that I get very enthusiastic to talk to people then totally fail to do so.  This is partly due to the semi-chaotic nature of these things, and partly due to social anxiety disorder, which leaves me hard-pressed to actually go up and start a conversation with people.  Not the best personality trait to have when your job involves having to deal with the public!

Still, being surrounded largely by fellow geeks makes it easier.

In other news, FedEx tells me that my copy of the Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” family pack is on a truck for delivery, so it’ll be waiting for me when I get home tomorrow.  Of course I already have it on my laptop here, but it’ll be nice to get the rest of the machines at home bumped up!

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