Oct 262007

Now that WebRunner is Prism and is an actual Mozilla Labs project, I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes next.  I’m also looking forward to it running on an operating system I actually use, since currently it’s only running on Windows.  Mark Finkle says it’ll be on the Mac next week.  Sweet!

I’m a desktop-centric kind of guy, despite my affection for Firefox (and the Web in general) so stuff like Prism really excites me.  Making web apps blend better into my desktop ways of doing things is always a good thing.  I like the notion of having my data available online wherever I am, but like working in separate applications instead of in my browser.

There are two reasons for this preference, I think:

  1. Ideally, if one web app blows up and dies, I’d prefer it not take down every app I use. I think for that reason I’d actually prefer totally separate Prism instances for each web app.
  2. I can make better use of the operating system’s features for organizing my workspace.  From Spaces to the Dock, the more I can keep my apps apart, the easier it is to organize the way I work.

So I’m watching the Prism project with great interest.

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