Oct 272007

My flight from Toronto to Chicago was delayed by an hour due to some kind of fuel-related snafu; we sat on the plane at the gate forever while they argued with the fuel people about something.  Apparently they did finally get the fuel, since we did eventually make it to Chicago.

My flight from Chicago to Knoxville, though, has been delayed twice now, and will now be departing most of an hour after I was originally supposed to land in Knoxville.  Assuming it doesn’t get delayed again.  So I’m sitting in O’Hare blogging in one workspace while playing WarCraft in another.  Thank goodness for wireless Internet access!

What I saw of FSOSS was excellent.  It’s a shame that I couldn’t experience more of it.  By early afternoon yesterday, I was feeling a little dizzy and unpleasant, so I decided I’d better duck back to my room and rest.  Only wound up attending three or four presentations, but the ones I saw were excellent.

Hopefully next time I go to a conference I’ll actually get to go to the conference.  Sigh.

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