Nov 062007

This product annoys me.  It’s one of those static-cling type clear sheets that you put on the screen of a device to protect it from scratches.  I’ve used them for years on my Palm OS devices (including my current Treo 750P), so I figured I’d get one for my iPod touch, whose screen gets a lot of manhandling.

That’s all well and good.

Here’s the problem: despite saying on the package that this protector is for the iPod touch, the overlay is too small to cover the entire screen.  I’m not just saying that it doesn’t cover the entire front of the iPod (which is what I’d rather hoped it would).  It doesn’t even cover the entire display area of the screen.  It’s a good quarter-centimeter too small in both dimensions.

Don’t waste your money on this thing until they fix it.

Does anyone make a protective iPod touch screen overlay that covers the entire front of the unit?

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  One Response to “Annoying product: Belkin ClearScreen Overlay for iPod touch”

  1. lol i got the opposite! the overlay is a bit long for my classic ipod touch screen without speakers. i suppose they’ve made it for the new ipod.

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