Nov 232007

This week’s Friday 5 is all about photographs:

  1. If a really, really good photographer — the kind who always makes you look good and still look like you — were to take your photo right now, what would be a good title for it?
    Geek inaction.
  2. If that photo were so good it belonged on the cover of a magazine, what would be a good choice, based on where you are and what you’re doing?
    Computer Gamer.
  3. If you took an interesting or aesthetically pleasing photo of something in your view right now, what might it be, and what would its title be?
    Probably my iMac.  The title would be “Beauty and the geek.”
  4. Among people you know, who seems to have a knack for taking great shots of people?
    I don’t know anyone like that.  If I did, there would be a lot more photos of me!
  5. Are you usually happier with candid photos of you, or photos you’ve posed for?
    As a general rule, I’m not very photogenic regardless of the situation, but posed shots are usually better.
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