Nov 252007

As it turns out, I have way more to do than I actually have time for, between the things I want to do, the things I have to do, and the things that are OMFG if I don’t get this done I’m totally screwed.  So I need to learn to prioritize and keep track of all the things I need to do.  This is something I have a long and storied history of failing miserably at, and that needs to change.

Last night, I downloaded a copy of OmniFocus to see if that’s something I can make good use of.  I look at it, though, and I get totally flummoxed.  I’m hoping that spending some time watching the introduction video will help me make heads and tails of how to use it.

On top of that, I’ve about had it with my Treo.  Even though it’s a great device, it’s been two months since I’ve been able to sync it with my Mac, so it’s worthless as a PDA at the moment.  It hasn’t been able to do data connections in even longer than that (although I’ve not gotten off my lazy butt and called Sprint, they’ve failed to respond to any of my emails to tech support either, so I’ll call that an even split on the blame).  And I don’t actually use it for voice calls.

The sync problem is three-fold… it quit syncing properly well before Leopard came out — and even before that, it liked to duplicate data on address book entries (I have entries that have their email address listed 12 times or more). I suspect an issue with the Missing Sync there, rather than the Palm itself.  On top of that, the beta of the Missing Sync that’s supposed to make it work on Leopard still doesn’t sync for me.  Not sure why yet.  My enthusiasm for the Treo has fallen to the point where it’s hard to get up the energy to look into it in a meaningful way.

I’m sorely tempted to ditch it and get a basic cheap phone that’s smaller, and carry it and my iPod touch around instead; the touch’s PDA features are actually easier to use.  I’m increasingly convinced that as soon as an iPhone with 3G wireless comes along, I’ll beg Sarah to let me get one.

In the meantime, I need to find better ways to keep up with the tasks I need to accomplish.  We’ll see how that goes…

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  1. First, read getting things done; even if you don’t turn into one of the fanatics (I haven’t) you’ll find a lot of useful stuff in there. I went from there to install Tracks: and that has made my life much, much better. Good luck…

  2. Get the book, as Luis said and consider also good old paper trail, its less geeky, but its much faster, just remember the old school days, writing by hand helps to remember. I got the hint about the book from a cnet article for a gtd firefox extension. I wish I had the hint years ago.The good thing is you are now in a mood to grasp the getting things done book.

  3. I can’t write to-do lists and stuff by hand — my hands cramp up after just a minute or so of writing, and always have. Made school tricky. :)

  4. Removed Missing Sync from my machine, to see if it resolves certain odd problems I’ve been having. It might be coincidental but the timing of installing the supposedly Leopard compatible update does roughly match when things started to get funky.

  5. It is most likely that the duplicates and problems with syncing come from Apple’s Sync Services being ‘confused’. I’m more then happy to help with this. You can start by resetting the Sync History in iSync. And you can go to Address Book, click the ‘Card’ menu and choose ‘Look for duplicate entries’. This should allow you to merge your duplicated data.

    Since my email address is required to make this post, you have it. Please email me directly and I’ll help you get support, even work with you directly myself. At any time a support request can be submitted by going to:

  6. I’m quite fond of the web-based service called Remember the milk. It supports google gears for offline work, integration with google calendar and syncing with mobile devices. Unfortunately, synching with a PDA or iPhone/IPod Touch is a paid service (allthough you do a get 15 days free trial).

  7. I’m pretty happy with OmniFocus, and bought a license. We’ll see how well it helps me over time. Need to make time to actually read GTD now that I’ve found our copy.

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