Dec 312007

I continue to enjoy discovering things about my new TV.  Even though it’s set up in a room that isn’t ideally suited for experimentation (a bedroom I rarely go into next to my daughter’s room), it’s still very nifty.

The BD player is on one of the three HDMI jacks.  The Mac mini is on another.  Sophie’s V-Smile is presently on one of the composite inputs.

Once the setup moves into the living room, it’ll be on our Kenwood home theater system.  Nothing fancy but it’ll be nice.

One thing we plan to do is import most of Sophie’s videos (at least her favorite ones) into iTunes so that we can play them using Front Row on the Mac mini.  She recently figured out how to open DVD cases, so the original discs are now in jeopardy!

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Dec 262007

I got a lovely new Samsung LCD HDTV for Christmas this year.  Full 1080p picture in 46″ of high-definition goodness.

After realizing there isn’t a cable jack in the room it will be living in for the next month or so (until we have something to put it on in the living room, which will be its final home), I got the go-ahead to buy a Blu-Ray player today, so I picked up a Sony BD player and a copy of Pearl Harbor on Blu-Ray to go with it.  Later today I’ll update my Netflix queue to include BD versions of anything that I can find in that format.

In addition to the BD player, I have my Mac mini hooked up to it.  There’s something truly glorious about Firefox 3 on a 46″ screen.   And Front Row is going to be nice to use on there, too.  I expect the mini will stay connected to the TV when it migrates home.

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Dec 132007

I’ve been spending time the last few days working on redoing our rather messy Firefox 3 for developers page with a brand-new, release-ready version.  The new version is in place; you can still find the old version (which has a lot of links to bug numbers and stuff for reference while working on wrapping up the new documents) in my user space on the MDC wiki.

The new version of the page mirrors the style of the like-titles pages for the Firefox 1.5 and 2.0 releases, with brief summaries of each new area of interest and a link to a major article covering the feature.  There’s also a brief overview of the new user-facing improvements in Firefox 3.

You’ll see that some of the major articles linked to from the main Fx3 page aren’t written yet.  That will be corrected by the time Beta 2 is released.

This is a big step on the road to finishing the documentation for Firefox 3; we’re now making the transition from a vast collection of articles strewn throughout the wiki into an easy-to-find documentation suite.  It’s very exciting!

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Dec 062007

For the last several weeks, we’ve had students at Seneca working on cranking out new interface reference documentation on MDC.  AJ Rehman has led the pack, with a ton of content on topics including Storage, Places, and more pouring into the wiki.  Kenneth Ga Chun Lee joined the project shortly after that, and last week Andrew Yiu Hong Fung joined up as well.  Among them, they’ve added many dozens of new reference articles to the wiki.

Presently they’re working on content for cookies, accessibility, caching, and assorted internal goodnesses that we have no documentation of any kind for right now.

A lot of these documents are fairly raw right now, since they’re being largely distilled from the comments in the IDL files.  Please feel free to poke into them and see if you can lend these guys a hand with any information they don’t have — they’ll be looking for you, too!

It’s really exciting to see so much new content flowing into the wiki — I’d just like to thank them for all the work they’re doing.  Making these initial reference articles isn’t glamorous but it’s important and needs doing, so thanks, guys!

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