Dec 062007

For the last several weeks, we’ve had students at Seneca working on cranking out new interface reference documentation on MDC.  AJ Rehman has led the pack, with a ton of content on topics including Storage, Places, and more pouring into the wiki.  Kenneth Ga Chun Lee joined the project shortly after that, and last week Andrew Yiu Hong Fung joined up as well.  Among them, they’ve added many dozens of new reference articles to the wiki.

Presently they’re working on content for cookies, accessibility, caching, and assorted internal goodnesses that we have no documentation of any kind for right now.

A lot of these documents are fairly raw right now, since they’re being largely distilled from the comments in the IDL files.  Please feel free to poke into them and see if you can lend these guys a hand with any information they don’t have — they’ll be looking for you, too!

It’s really exciting to see so much new content flowing into the wiki — I’d just like to thank them for all the work they’re doing.  Making these initial reference articles isn’t glamorous but it’s important and needs doing, so thanks, guys!

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