Dec 132007

I’ve been spending time the last few days working on redoing our rather messy Firefox 3 for developers page with a brand-new, release-ready version.  The new version is in place; you can still find the old version (which has a lot of links to bug numbers and stuff for reference while working on wrapping up the new documents) in my user space on the MDC wiki.

The new version of the page mirrors the style of the like-titles pages for the Firefox 1.5 and 2.0 releases, with brief summaries of each new area of interest and a link to a major article covering the feature.  There’s also a brief overview of the new user-facing improvements in Firefox 3.

You’ll see that some of the major articles linked to from the main Fx3 page aren’t written yet.  That will be corrected by the time Beta 2 is released.

This is a big step on the road to finishing the documentation for Firefox 3; we’re now making the transition from a vast collection of articles strewn throughout the wiki into an easy-to-find documentation suite.  It’s very exciting!

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  2 Responses to “Firefox 3 documentation roundup”

  1. This must be the best “Whats new” documentation ever done for Firefox. Thanks!

  2. My compliments for a job well done! That must have kept you busy for a while…
    Thank you!

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