Dec 262007

I got a lovely new Samsung LCD HDTV for Christmas this year.  Full 1080p picture in 46″ of high-definition goodness.

After realizing there isn’t a cable jack in the room it will be living in for the next month or so (until we have something to put it on in the living room, which will be its final home), I got the go-ahead to buy a Blu-Ray player today, so I picked up a Sony BD player and a copy of Pearl Harbor on Blu-Ray to go with it.  Later today I’ll update my Netflix queue to include BD versions of anything that I can find in that format.

In addition to the BD player, I have my Mac mini hooked up to it.  There’s something truly glorious about Firefox 3 on a 46″ screen.   And Front Row is going to be nice to use on there, too.  I expect the mini will stay connected to the TV when it migrates home.

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  1. Check out Pixar’s latests (e.g. Cars, Ratatouille, etc.) if you want to see what 1080p can look like! The picture quality is breathtaking! Enjoy :)

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