Feb 112008

I’ve been watching L&O this season again, for the first time in a couple of years.  I really like the addition of Jeremy Sisto to the cast.  He makes a great counter to Jesse L. Martin’s suaveness.  It’s great to see a team of such different personalities (that still get along well) together again; this may be the best matchup since Chris Noth and Jerry Orbach.

Hopefully this matchup, in combination with being one of the few new things on TV other than reality stuff, will save L&O and give us another season.

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  One Response to “A “Law & Order” recovery”

  1. I am a huge Jeremy Sisto fan. He’s what made me want to watch the new season of L&O. I couldn’t stand Jesse Martin’s partner before (talk about monotone). I had been watching re-runs of previous seasons (along w/ SVU) but now everyone in my circle knows better than to call me on Wednesday night! lol

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