Mar 062008

MindTouch has been busily working on adding features we requested to Deki Wiki in preparation for our transition to Deki from MediaWiki, and they’ve reached the point where it’s time for us to start working on the MDC skinning.  MindTouch has someone that will be available to provide mentoring and assistance, but the job of actually creating a skin that looks like a Mozilla web site and feels right for our MDC contributors falls upon the Mozilla community.

The primary goals for the skin are:

  • Should blend in nicely with the look of the site at
  • Needs to display breadcrumbs at the top of each page (this is being moved from an extension into the skin during the Deki Wiki transition).
  • Needs to be finished by mid-April.

Now we just need someone who has the time and skills to do the work.  If you’d be interested in doing this kind of thing, let me know!  If you’d like to look at some basic information on skinning Deki Wiki, here you go:

This is also a good time for folks to make their suggestions for things they’d like to see (or not to see) in the new skin, so that we can get those onto the list of things to try to take into account while the work is done.

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