Mar 142008

I’ve been continuing to make my way through the dev-doc-needed and Documentation Requests lists in Bugzilla for the past week.  I knocked four or five bugs off today.  None of them were huge, but it was still very satisfying.  It’s a great feeling to be at a point in the documentation work that I can be focusing on the little things.  Makes me feel like I’ve really accomplished something worthwhile.

In particular, the dev-doc-needed list is down to 17 bugs (or was when I looked at it earlier this evening).

I’m really pleased with the developer documentation for Firefox 3.   There are of course still things that could be better, but by and large, we’re in great shape.  I’m happy that we’ve been able to continue to improve upon the progress we made during the Firefox 2 development period.  Firefox 2 was the first release of Firefox to have essentially complete documentation by the time it shipped.  Firefox 3 had essentially complete documentation early in the beta cycle.  That’s fantastic progress, and I’m very excited to be a part of it!

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