Mar 172008

Among the more common issues that have had people grousing over the years is that Firefox doesn’t use the Mac OS X keychain to save login information (plus the equivalent gripe on Linux).  For most users this isn’t really that big a deal, but admittedly the fact that keychains can be synchronized across computers if you’re a .Mac user has its appeal.

Firefox 3’s new Login Manager provides the nsILoginManagerStorage interface, which you can implement to provide a replacement login information storage model for Firefox.

We now have documentation for how to do this sort of thing.  Enjoy!

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  One Response to “So you wanna integrate password saving…”

  1. I don’t really care honestly, but I think what people want/expect is that firefox would use keychain right out of the box.
    I would expect that this would not pacify most of those who have complained in the past.
    Some, yes.
    But that instructions page is daunting for more users.

    Let me not detract from its fact and accomplishment. It’s really awesome that now this is possible and perhaps we could see this in a future version of Firefox.
    Perhaps at install time the mac user would be asked which method they wanted use to store their passwords.

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