Mar 272008

We’re into the final stretch on Firefox 3, with Beta 5 coming up any time now, and then the release candidate stage.  It’s time to batten down the hatches and get a grip on the final touches needed to the documentation.  For that, I need your help!  Take a look at the issues on the two lists before and touch bugs that need to be dealt with before Firefox 3 ships.

If there’s anything on either list that you feel absolutely needs to be dealt with before Firefox 3 ships, please add a comment to the bug saying so!  I believe that all or nearly all the Firefox 3 specific issues have been wrapped up (or are in the process of being wrapped up) at this point, so I’d like to be told if I’m wrong.  My purpose in life is to have our developer docs rock, so if there’s anything that doesn’t, now would be a good time to let me know.

Firefox 3 is turning out to be our biggest and best release yet (except maybe 1.0).  It’s easily got more user-facing awesomeness than any previous version of Firefox, and it’s all in a gorgeous package to boot.

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