Mar 272008

Tomorrow I should be receiving an initial rough sketch of the layout for the new MDC skin.  Basically, this will let us figure out where everything will go on the page.  Our main goal is something clean and easy on the eyes, since a lot of people will be staring at these pages for a long time while they write their code.

The thing that we talked about the most yesterday, and will be one of the ongoing design issues, I think, is where to put the language links.  I rather suspect that readers would prefer not to have to scroll to the bottom of the page to get to them, which means finding a way to put them nearer the top.  But we’re trying to avoid using a sidebar, in order to reduce page clutter.  I’ll be curious to see what the designer comes up with there.

Another big issue is the very different feel that Deki Wiki has as compared to MediaWiki.  Between having the added sections at the bottom for files, images, and so forth, and the different feel to how section editing is done and so forth, there will obviously be a learning curve to our writers, editors, and readers as we make the transition to the new software.

However, I think it’ll be well worth it when all is said and done.

Getting this done is an interesting experience for me.  It’s the first time I’ve been this involved in the more “business” aspects of project management since back when I was writing games in the mid-’90s and managed a couple of projects.  Finding someone to do the work took longer than I thought it would, but it came together very fast once I got some good recommendations in from various folks in the Mozilla community.

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  1. I looked through your previous posts and didn’t see an explanation for why is moving to Deki Wiki. I hope it’s well worth it. Despites its flaws MediaWiki has a huge mindshare, community, and feature set, plus a strong extension ecosystem.

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