Mar 282008

I thought after posting yesterday begging folks to let me know about documentation issues that badly need addressing before Firefox 3 ships, I’d mention some stuff that I already know needs doing.

  • The New in JavaScript 1.8 article is still pending some work, I believe.  John Resig will be handling the final work there, if there’s any left that needs to be done.
  • The article “Alternative style sheets” needs to be written. I’ve been stalling on this because the spec is a little dense and I’ve never really felt like wading through it, but I can’t stall on it much longer.
  • Offline resources in Firefox” needs to be written, too. This has been on hold for a while while work is done on the code it will cover, but that stuff has been settled now, so it’s time to write this up.  I expect to start work on it today or Monday, depending on how long it takes to get replies to a couple of emails I’ve sent out related to it.
  • The nsIJSON interface needs to be documented; this is another one where until recently it wasn’t quite ready to be written about yet.  This one I’ll probably do today.
  • I also need to update “The Thread Manager” with more information, as well as examples.

This isn’t an all-inclusive list, of course, but these are the “big” things left to do.  There should be no problem getting those done before Firefox 3 reaches the release candidate stage.

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