Apr 242008

Today I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor following my surgery back in January.  Got in there and got some basic stuff done, then mentioned I’d been getting dizzy standing up lately.  So they checked my blood pressure and it was somewhat low.  Then they had me stand up, and my BP dropped so low they couldn’t read it.

That’s when they told me to head to the emergency room and get checked out.

I got to the E.R. at around 4 PM and they ran some tests (including drawing 3 vials of blood, which is pretty funny for someone they called “dangerously depleted”) and decided that I was “severely dehydrated.” They also did an EKG, took a couple of chest X-rays, and did repeated pulse and BP checks.

In the meantime, they put an I.V. in to give me fluids.  Two liters of fluids.  Took about five hours to get out of there

It was a long and frustrating day, and I got absolutely nothing worthwhile done.

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  3 Responses to “A dry story”

  1. I’d say that getting urgent medical attention would be “worthwhile”. Hope you’re feeling better, and stay healthy.

  2. Are you okay?

  3. Yeah, I’ll be fine as long as I get more fluids. :)

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