May 022008

Apparently, the amount by which MDC’s documentation has grown since we started heavy duty work on the Firefox 3 documentation is substantial enough that it is overwhelming the utility MindTouch wrote to convert a MediaWiki database into DekiWiki format.

So there’s some debugging and testing work going on at MindTouch to figure out exactly what’s going on there, and to fix that up.

This will probably result in a slip of our planned June 3 launch of the new Mozilla Developer Center wiki, unfortunately, but we do want to get it right the first time!

Once they figure out the problem and get the conversion done, we’ll have a test site up and running in Deki with our new skin in place, and all our MDC content as of about a week ago.  This will be used for load testing, performance tweaks, and other pre-launch work.  Once it’s up and running, we’ll likely be asking folks to pound on it to see if we have any problems!  I’ll blog again soon!

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