May 072008

The Deki Transition

We now have a very rough MDC up and running on DekiWiki.  The majority of the rough edges are my fault.  I made a PDF of the guide MindTouch wrote for how to set things up on our server and sent that to IT… and failed to check to see if it changed (which it did).  So our current setup isn’t quite right.

I’ve filed a ticket with IT to upgrade things and fix the stuff they didn’t know needed to be done, so hopefully they’ll find time for that today.

There’s also one relatively minor skin issue that’s causing some interesting problems, but that ought not to take long to fix, so hopefully we’ll get that today or tomorrow.

Then finally the testing can get underway.  There are probably going to be a few other things that will need twiddling, but until these other issues are resolved, they’ll be hard to spot.


In more directly documentation related news, I’ve been finally actually moving stuff around for the Places documentation.  Among other things, this involves renaming a number of pages, and cleaning them up a bit.  We have reference document pages for each of the Places interfaces, so the Places API pages that Dietrich created are being phased into being how-to articles, since they include lots of great samples.

Things will continue to be a little dusty in the Places docs for at least a few more days.

Other Stuff

I’ll be out for a couple-three hours this afternoon.  My parents are coming to visit, arriving Friday night or Saturday morning, and my dad always appreciates it when we have a project for him.  So we’re going to go out and buy mattresses so that while Dad’s here, he can help us put together Sophie’s new big-girl bed.  She’s been sleeping in a toddler bed for about a year and a half now, and she’s ready to move into a full size bed.

I’m also going to take Friday off, so I can help my wife finish getting the house whipped into shape.

I’m tentatively planning not to take off any time while my parents are in town — they’re really here to see their granddaughter, and I’d just get in the way.  But I may work unusual hours for the first few days next week.

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