May 082008

Today (that is to say, Wednesday) didn’t go the way I planned.  Right about the time I was planning to go run the errands that I needed to get done, I was overcome by weakness all over and wound up headed to the emergency room for the second time in as many weeks.

It was an interesting experience.  I was so shaky and weak when I got there that they rushed me back to a room almost immediately, and got me hooked up to monitors.  When they were reasonably sure that I wasn’t about to keel over, things slowed down a lot.  Took over two and a half hours for a doctor to see me, and he spent about two minutes with me.

He ordered up some tests — which took over 45 minutes to get started.  Then we waited around two more hours for the results, which came up that I was totally fine — which, by then, I was.

The diagnosis: I still need to work on my fluid intake.

Unfortunately, after spending almost six hours at the hospital, it was no longer really feasible to get my errands done — which means they’ll have to be done tomorrow.  I expect to do them in the morning, so I may get a late start working tomorrow (er, today, I guess, technically).

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  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been having health issues. Hang in there and feel better! Fluid intake is crucial, as are vitamins, nutrients and probiotics. If you’re feeling weak it could be due to a nutritional deficiency of some sort.

    After watching Michael Moore’s Sicko, but I’ve lost all faith in the American mainstream medical community (well, I had little faith before that, but that film really seals it).

    You may also consider trying alternative remedies or visiting a naturopath. Books like “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” (basically the naturopath’s desk reference) are invaluable in determining the causes of obscure ailments.

    I’ve personally found the following things to all be beneficial to my health:

    * Yoga / stretching / breathing exercises

    * Fasting / cleansing (e.g. psyllium husks or other purgative agents)

    * Taking probiotics to replenish the good bacteria that are killed by antibiotics (e.g. Threelac)

    * Drinking lots of water and herbal teas, including my favorite, Yerba Mate

    * Following advice from naturopathic and Ayurvedic books/sites/doctors on which foods to eat and avoid, in order to alleviate or avoid exacerbating medical conditions

    If you’re having any psychological issues or psychosomatic reactions (i.e. physical reactions to mental state) then you may consider looking into hypnotherapy or neuro linguistic programming (NLP). Both have powerful techniques for changing your mental state and overcoming phobias, negative mindsets etc.

    Good luck, and I hope ya feel better!


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