May 092008

Things continue to progress nicely on getting MDC up and running on MindTouch Deki Wiki.  Our test server now has a usable install with the new skin in place, but there are a few remaining glitches to resolve before we throw open the doors and start letting people thump away at random:

  • There are a couple of really minor visual tweaks to make in the skin.
  • We’re working on a couple of performance issues that need to be resolved.
  • Some of our templates aren’t working at the moment, even though they have in the past under Deki, so something got busted recently.
  • The converter from MediaWiki to Deki needs a few minor adjustments to fix a problem that’s causing us to have two tables of contents per page, as well as some text encoding problems under certain Asian languages.

Once those things are taken care of, we’ll be able to begin our heavy-duty testing phase and really let folks get a good first look.

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  One Response to “Deki status”

  1. Can you share some screen shots of the new site skin? I saw some early mockups, but I’m certain everyone would dig seeing these.

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