May 102008

Now that things are starting to come together pretty well, I figured I’d post up a screenshot of what the new MDC is looking like at the moment. This picture was admittedly carefully selected to minimize the appearance of the minor issues still waiting to be resolved, but should be fairly close to what the final site will look like.

You can click on that to get a full-size look.

Among the issues we’re still working on are minor cosmetic things, such as the size and style of headings.  The second and third levels of headers are too close to one another in appearance right now, which makes things look slightly awkward in places.

If all goes well, we should be opening up the test server for people to check out sometime in the coming week, after the current round of debugging is finished.

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  7 Responses to “The new MDC: A preview”

  1. I can see a drop-down menu called “Languages”. Does that mean that the language links aren’t going to be visible at first sight anymore?

  2. That’s the current plan. Is there a particular reason why it’s helpful to have the language links displayed all in the body of the page? We thought about it and couldn’t really think of one.

    Once you select a language, that becomes the default for any page you visit, with fallback to English if the page isn’t available in your language.

  3. I’m not sure. It will certainly disrupt the current translation process, since we have to go back and forth between (at least) two languages on several articles in the same browsing session (I heavily use browser tabs in this process). But I can see how it makes sense for the casual reader.
    Maybe we’ll need a “translator skin” with direct links available, or something like a Greasemonkey script to do this.

    By the way, is there a plan to have a public beta somewhere to better understand how our workflow will change before the big launch?

  4. Yes, the preview site we’re working on now will be opened up for folks to play with soon. We just need to get a few more kinks ironed out.

  5. One thing I’m noticing from the screenshot (and the preview site :) is that the text color on page is set to 50% gray, #807970 to be exact. I find such low-contrast to be very hard on the eyes.

  6. Hm — I’d totally not noticed that. I’ll look into it, thanks, Justin.

  7. @Benoit Did you see this video: it shows the new language features.

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