May 302008

We’re working on scheduling the final rollout of the MindTouch Deki based MDC, sometime in June. Our original target was June 3, but that slipped by about a week due to some changes that we decided to make a couple of weeks ago.

That slip now puts us into colliding head-on with the Firefox 3 release, more or less, so we’re negotiating a rollout date with the IT team, to make sure we don’t overload them trying to roll out two things at once.

The finishing touches are going onto the setup now, and QA has been brought in to start doing their formal testing.

The number of “one more thing” type changes we keep coming up with shouldn’t surprise me, but does anyway. It’s pretty amusing.

So I guess the gist of this post is to once again say “it’s looking great and you’ll be able to play with it soon.”

In related news, I’ve proposed to do a session to demo and discuss the new MDC at the 2008 Firefox Plus summit, and if there’s interest, I’ll look at doing a version of that as a screencast or similar web-based presentation, too.

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  5 Responses to “MDC rollout coming soon”

  1. That session looks very interesting, I’ll certainly try to attend. I just hope it will not collide with the l10n one!

  2. I think a session would be wonderful. Keep us posted. I would like someone from MindTouch to be there too. I hope the MDC relaunch happens before the FF3 Final drop. :-)

  3. How is the l10n side going to be migrated?

    These days we are doing lots of translations for Firefox 3 and we would like to know when and how is going to be ported to the new Dekiwiki. I think that having some kind of stage access would help to check if everything is ok in the l10n side.

    Looking forwards for more information in mdc mailing list.


  4. Nukeador:

    What exactly would you like to know about l10n migration? All the content is being migrated. There are going to be a few minor localization things that need to be done in the skin, which I’m trying to get into version control so folks can start working on that.

  5. For example, I would like to know how the links between l10n versions are going to be, now we have inter-wiki links and a bot adding them, also how is the translation going to be done, now we have the jp page to generate pages from the English wiki but I suppose that this is going to change.

    But the most important thing is, when will you “freeze” the modifications to migrate all content? We are trying to update all articles in Firefox 3 for developers before Firefox 3 launch, and would be nice to know how many time we have.

    In fact, these questions should be commented in the mailing list, so I’m going to post these questions there ;)


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