Jun 012008

Working on getting myself packed and ready to head to Toronto. My flight leaves late in the afternoon tomorrow, so I have plenty of time. I’m just one of those people that likes to be ready well in advance.

I’ve got the files I need (I think), expense reports I need to hand in, and most of my personal effects all piled up and ready to load into a bag. I’m really close to having a small enough amount of stuff that I could just put it all in my new laptop backpack — but not quite. Going to need to scrounge up a small enough second bag.

My biggest worry is my limited diet right now, and being sure I can find appropriate foods and enough fluids. With my requiring as much as a gallon of fluids a day just to avoid getting dizzy, I pretty much have to drink nonstop. And there’s a lot of stuff I can’t have.

I’m bringing along some instant tea mix, so as long as I can find water, I should be okay. Although I hope to find other options. Drinking so much of the same thing all day gets really old, especially when it’s not something you really enjoy.

More worrisome is finding appropriate foods. I’m sure I’ll be able to, but I’m not sure how easily it will happen. Traveling with a restricted diet is always a hassle. I’m particularly concerned about travel days. What will I eat tomorrow night? I arrive in Toronto right about the time I should be eating my final meal of the day; what will my options be by the time I get to the hotel, assuming I can’t find something to eat at the airport, which I’ll try to do?

Now, this trip will be easier than my next one — a vacation trip to California to visit my parents — coming up at the very end of June. That’s a very long trip by comparison, and will be a lot more complicated logistically.

Life will get subtly easier for the following trip, in late July. On July 22, many of my dietary restrictions get lifted, which will make finding appropriate meals easier. I’ll still have to find ways to get a lot of fluids in despite being on the run though.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing the Evangelism team in Toronto on Tuesday. Should be a fun and productive visit. It would have been extra exciting if we’d made our original June 3rd target date for the MindTouch Deki based MDC launch, but there’s still lots to do, so it will be a good trip.

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