Jun 062008

I’m home from Toronto now after a day and a half of very successful meetings with the folks in Evangelism. We had a lot of very good discussions about, um, evangelism.

It was also just nice in general to see everyone again, since I haven’t really done so since last summer. I don’t count my rather disappointing visit to Toronto in October since I was sick and only really spent about two hours with everyone else, and that was during a pretty hectic conference timeframe.

As far as the MDC transition to the new wiki, we’re theoretically scheduled for June 11th, but I’ll be honest and say that I don’t think we’re actually going to make it until late this month. Between wanting to get it right the first time, dealing with some logistics that I didn’t really think of until recently, and the imminent release of Firefox 3, things are just lining up to almost certainly make delaying for a couple more weeks the best way to go. I’ve polled the involved parties to see how soon they think they can get their bits done, and am waiting to hear back.

As eager as I am to get this done and let everyone get into it, I’d hate to throw it out there and have it fall apart because we rushed it.

So, as is the case with Firefox 3, it’ll be done when it’s ready.

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