Jun 192008

I’m looking forward to putting to the test the things I learned while working on the Firefox 3 documentation as work begins on the developer documentation for Firefox 3.1.

My first effort along those lines is that I’m going to try to keep the Firefox 3.1 for developers page organized from the get-go, instead of letting it turn into a jumbled mishmash; there were times during which the Firefox 3 page got a little out of hand. It eventually required a massive overhaul that took me a few days to finish up. I hope to avoid that this time around.

Of course, Firefox 3.1 won’t be the enormous project that Firefox 3 was, so this won’t be a real stress test of my plans, but I do look forward to the trial run.

In general, I really enjoy the early stages of the documentation work on a project. There’s no pressure, no rush, and you find yourself learning new and interesting things without having to rush so fast that you miss details.

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