Jun 202008

In the past year, we’ve blown through four routers. They keep failing on us, usually right around the same time we have a cluster of outages with our cable modem service provider.

Is it possible that the cable modem is somehow damaging the routers plugged into it? I have no idea, but it seems hard to believe that so many routers — each a different brand — would be defective.

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  6 Responses to “Is it possible?”

  1. Technically it’s possible. My guess would be a surge if anything.

    Perhaps it would be good to look into a surge protector that covers power, ethernet, and coaxial. I’ve seen them before, so I know they exist.


    Doesn’t have ethernet (though if you have a surge protector likely has ethernet), but it does have coaxial, which is less common.

    I’d try protecting the hardware from every angle.

  2. I’d recommend a surge protector. I added one to my parents house after they lost their router and gigabit switch. Haven’t had a problem since then.

  3. Yeah, that’s probably true. It just seems weird. And it happens awfully often.

  4. I’ve ordered a surge protector that offers protection for power, coax, and ethernet. That should do the job, I hope.

  5. Is “failed” just the router WAN port not re-syncing with the cable modem after the outage(s) or is it a complete power failure of the router?

  6. “Failed” means any number of things. Once, the router stopped working entirely, couldn’t even power it up. Once, the router became unpredictable, working some of the time, not syncing to the cable modem the rest of the time. This most recent time, the router started randomly making up WAN IP addresses that were never even close to valid.

    We also had one whose configuration tool became inaccessible. The router would lock up every time you tried to connect to it to configure it.

    All kinds of fun.

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