Jun 242008

We’re about a week out from the end of the second quarter, and since my goal for this quarter (other than, you know, the Firefox 3 documentation — that little thing) is to get the MDC upgrade rolled out, I’m hoping quite fervently that it will be done in that time. Time will tell.

The progress so far this week has been good. The skin is now in SVN. I’m waiting for confirmation that our ever-so-slightly customized MindTouch Deki is in SVN as well. I’ve posted to the localization folks asking them to get set up to localize the skin, so hopefully that will be underway in the next day or two.

After that, the big tasks are pulling a new update of Deki that fixes a couple of bugs, then another round of testing before we launch. There’s other stuff to do, but those are the major items, I believe.

In other news, someone pointed out to me a very interesting-sounding conference on wikis that I think I’d like to attend this September: WikiSym 2008. I’m working on making arrangements to attend. It looks like I might be too late to do so, but I’m looking into offering a paper as well, if it’s not. There is a little contradictory information about the deadline for submissions; I’ve sent off email asking for details and am awaiting a response.

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