Jun 272008

We continue to make gradual headway toward deploying the new MindTouch Deki based MDC. After some back and forth, we decided to go with a slightly revised version of the skin that doesn’t attempt to customize the editor’s toolbar. While we had hoped to have the custom toolbar at launch, there are logistical issues with managing the source tree when patching the core Deki code, so we’re going to wait until later. MindTouch is working on a solution to make the toolbar customizable without patching it, so hopefully that will come along before long.

We have one more issue to resolve and then I believe we’ll be rolling the final code out to our test server at last. Once that happens, I’ll be posting a link in various places so folks can try things out.

At this point my goal is to get the test server thrown open for people to try before I go on vacation for the Independence Day holiday, and then throw the switch and migrate MDC to the new software in mid-July. I think that’s achievable.

Before I leave on my vacation, I’ll be posting the information about how to localize the skin. People that intend to work on localization of the Deki skin should contact me so I can make sure they get set up with access to the files. If you haven’t already filled out the CVS/SVN contributor’s form and filed the corresponding bugs, you should do so, CCing me on the bug.

In other news, my paper that I plan to submit to the Wikis for Software Engineering workshop at WikiSym is now in its third draft and is I think pretty close to finished. I hope to submit that before I leave on vacation, as well, since July will be a very busy month for me involving a great deal of travel.

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