Jun 302008

We now have the new version of MDC up and ready for experimenting with.

A few things to note before I provide the URL:

  • Changes made on the test server will not be ported back to the real database.
  • The database installed on the test server is several weeks old.
  • The help and certain other content, particularly in the MDC: hierarchy, has not been updated yet to reflect the switch from MediaWiki to MindTouch Deki.
  • Changes made on the test server will not be ported back to the real database.
  • We don’t yet have the localized skins in place, so if your language isn’t English, you’ll see little bits of English here and there.
  • Changes made on the test server will not be ported back to the real database.
  • This is not installed on the final hardware, which will be somewhat higher capacity.

I’d appreciate it if folks would thump on it for a while. Try doing some edits, browse around, search, and so forth.

I’ll be on vacation for the next week but will be peeking at my email to see if there are any crises, and will provide assistance where I can if people get confused by the new system. I’ll be updating the help and so forth soon. Might touch it a bit while I’m on vacation, but I hope I can make myself wait until I get home. :)

The URL is: http://devmo.dekiwiki.mozilla.org/.

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  6 Responses to “Give the new MDC a test drive!”

  1. Hi Eric, a few days ago I sent you an email in l10n mailing list about the translation of MDC skin. Did you get it? Please check.


  2. I can’t login with my old MDC username and password, yet the site won’t let me register as my username is in use. So you preserved usernames but not passwords? (I’ve asked for a password reminder.)

    There are pages tagged XULRunner, yet clicking the tag name takes me to http://devmo.dekiwiki.mozilla.org/Special:Tags?tag=XULRunner&language=en which says “There are no pages that are tagged XULRunner in this language.”

  3. Well, the test site still has two favicons, but at least they both work :-)

    By the way, perhaps you should point out that changes made on the test server will not be ported back to the real database ;-)

  4. Must admit I’m not to fond of the new font and colors. To me it is somewhat less readable than the current version. Please consider using a sans serif font and a bit more contrasty colors, especially for code samples. Seems particularly bad on Linux.


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  6. Eric,

    Yesterday, I spent some 40 min. carefully craft-editing a message into your blog after spending quite a bit of time reviewing, testing, trying the new MDC. When submitted, a message said my post message looked like spam (probably because of embedded links) and that I needed to work the message again and to go back. Which I did. With the back button. I lost all of the previous edit. All of it.

    This is unacceptable. Totally unacceptable.

    I worked hard and long hours, hundreds of hours, editing several webpages now hosted at MDC. You never considered my perspective, my point of view either or gave it any kind of importance, relevance. There are much more important, determinant issues that font, color coherence, visual coherence (and other cosmetic, formating references), easiness of updating, easiness of writing, openness of multi-input from all kinds of people with various levels of experience.

    Anyone can edit anything, anywhere in MDC in any format for any reason without any kind of imputability or justification, with hundreds of validation markup errors, with transitional DTD, with XHTML served as text/html, in typical tag-soup format, in wiki-tag-soup fashion, etc… You miss the whole point of what MDC should be about. You miss what the “D” in MDC stands for.

    The new MDC version now has more validation markup errors on every single webpage. In XHTML served as text/html. With a transitional DTD on top of everything. And you claim (or want to believe) that the new MDC version is now better than the previous version, than before??

    My conclusion is this: your blog (and its mechanical anti-spam feature) as it currently works does not give a * about how much time posters can lose when providing honorable feedbacks. And the new MDC version does not care one bit about structure of webpage, good markup semantic, markup validity, CSS code validity, conformance to W3C web standards, adherence to widely known, accepted and generally acknowledged good coding techniques, to recommendable coding techniques, etc. The new MDC version does not care one bit about all of that because you do not understand the importance and the relevance of such for webpage design, website building, webpage interoperability, website maintenance, accessibility, forward-compatibility, etc

    Gérard Talbot

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