Jul 152008

I have tickets filed in Bugzilla to get a new skin update installed and to pull the latest Deki code from MindTouch.

This will fix a few bugs. Key among these is that the edit button will be visible if you’re not logged in, and the More options menu will be available as well, showing the items that are accessible if you’re not logged in. This will help make the site more usable for people that aren’t logged in, and will better advertise its wikiness.

I’m increasingly hopeful that we can roll out this month, at last.

Once these updates are installed, we’ll do a little testing, then it will be time to lock down the current MDC, pull the database, and send it along to MindTouch for a final conversion. Then we can install that database.

After installing the database on Deki, we’ll need to do a pass to clean up a few things; there are a handful of templates that will need some manual tweaking to make them work right. And I’m sure we’ll find conversion artifacts for a while. We’ll get them taken care of as fast as possible!

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