Jul 292008

With a little help from the kind folks at MindTouch and our rockin’ dudes in IT, we got a couple of glitches fixed in our MindTouch Deki configuration. The correct editor is now being used, so it looks rather nicer than it did before.

In addition, we’ve enabled extension support while editing, which means, for example, you can select a code sample, then choose a transformation such as “syntax.javascript”, which will apply JavaScript syntax highlighting to a code sample.

That will be a huge win for us, especially since it adds line numbers which will make it easier to reference code lines from within the body of an article’s text.

Check out our test server and see what you think!

In related news, I’ve just finished doing my presentation covering the rationale behind our transition from MediaWiki to Deki, as well as a demo of the wiki and a discussion of features our users would like to have. I’ll share that information in this space as soon as I turn my notes into something legible.

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  4 Responses to “Tweaking the new MDC”

  1. PS: Woohooo, categories…tags work. I preferred the multicolumn layout to the long list, with some indexing, but that’s more of an RFE.

  2. I can’t wait to read your rationale and see the demo! Can you guest blog it at MindTouch?

  3. When I click any of the property links in the CSS reference I get a page whose content is a redirect that doesn’t seem to be followed, like this one. If I manually follow the redirect I get to the desired page, but that doesn’t seem optimal.

    I also find the font+color scheme a good bit harder to read; it might be due to the serif fonts.

    Is it intentional that the main URL redirects to “En” as the language-specific page rather than “en”? That seems wrong, especially given that everything else uses “en”.

  4. I’ll look into the CSS reference thing; that’s not right. :)

    The “En” thing is apparently intentional, as it’s now MindTouch designed it. It’s not how I’d prefer it, but it’s not really in my control, as it’s how their polyglot support works things.

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