Aug 042008

Positive progress continues! This morning I finally got it through my head how to customize the styles menu in the editor; I’d been trying to do it the hard way, which doesn’t actually work. So I’m working on coming up with a custom style list that will help our writers use styling consistently.

Some of those styles will use the same markup, but by labeling them differently (function name, class name, etc), it will help people pick the correct style without having to think. I know I don’t like it when I’m forced to think, so I figured I’d help others that have the same problem.

Our planned August 14th launch date looks pretty solid at this point, assuming the scant handful of outstanding issues of consequence get resolved.

Right now, the outstanding to-dos are:

  • Implement the custom styles menu (in progress).
  • MindTouch is working on fixes to the MediaWiki importer for better importing categories as tags; in particular, tags for external links don’t work yet. Since this import will only be done prior to launch, we need this just right.
  • One more test conversion of the MediaWiki site to test that change.

After that, we can start the work on the transition proper. I’ll post more details about that soon. My notes are on my laptop, which hasn’t yet been unpacked since my trip to Whistler for the summit.

Speaking of the Summit, despite all the joking about the horror of it all, it was actually an excellent event. Dan Portillo did a fabulous job planning it, and really rolled with the punches as they came. Everything went remarkably smoothly despite the unexpected and, really, totally unpredictable, issues. Way to go!

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