Aug 112008

The final testing before we launch the new MDC is underway now. The import has been confirmed valid, and the tags look good. Webdev is doing some final security tests, and IT should be doing performance tests tomorrow.

In the meantime, please hit the new MDC and look to see if there are any showstopping problems you can find! It’s almost showtime!

By the way, I’m aware the histories for articles on the test wiki are empty. In order to save time during the test, we didn’t import the histories. These will be preserved when we do the final import.

Also, it’s important to note that I expect we will close MDC for editing sometime tomorrow (Tuesday, August 12th) in preparation for the transition.

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  One Response to “Final testing underway”

  1. Not the right place and certainly not the right time to mention this, but I’m not sure that the new MDC design is an improvement for for me (myself). I have a hard time actually reading what it says on my monitor. And I’m not even using a flatscreen display. The font has a little too many serifs, the size is too small, the contrasts are too weak (non-bold links almost dissapear and code snippets are weak) and the different sections of the page are are not adequately distinguishable (hairfine borders almost makes it worse). It sure looks pretty. And at first the problem is not noticeable. But for an all night resource lookup session with lot’s of navigation and scrolling around, websites such as the current MDC, XULPlanet and W3C have an edge on readability. Trying to follow a particularly bitchy piece of code, I ended up disabling the stylesheet alltogehter. To stay in synch with the new visual identity, maybe the alternate stylesheet should feature a comeback. Any volunteers?

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