Aug 122008

Sometime shortly, MDC should be going read-only so we can begin the process of converting the content for the Deki transition. I’ve asked IT to do it, and as soon as they get into the office and caffeinated or whatever they do when they first come in, hopefully that will begin.

The conversion process will take a couple of days, so we need to start it now, even though we still have one outstanding issue that needs to be addressed before the transition can take place (the “what links here” feature is currently not working on the Deki test site). MindTouch is looking into that problem, and we’re going to operate under the assumption that it’s a minor hiccup in configuration that we can fix easily in time.

There are other outstanding issues but they’re not big enough to be worth another delay, and tickets have been filed appropriately to get them investigated.

The only issue for which there’s no ticket are the scant handful of people who’ve suggested they’d like changes to the skin. These are things we can investigate after things settle down a bit.

Please be patient while we get this done; I’m very excited to finally be on the cusp of getting this show on the road!

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