Aug 122008

Unfortunately, we ran into a hiccup with the MediaWiki to MindTouch Deki converter tool that requires a bug fix to the converter and a new test conversion.

The new test conversion should be finished tomorrow, but that means it will be at best Friday and more likely Monday before we can get the final, full conversion of the current MDC database finished.

For that reason, we’re postponing the MDC relaunch. I’m hoping for Tuesday, August 19th, but can’t say so for sure until I get confirmation that that date works for everyone involved. I’ll post again when I know.

It’s entirely possible I may opt to spend all day Friday hiding under my bed and trembling. If you don’t see me online, that’s where I am.

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  2 Responses to “MDC relaunch delay”

  1. But in the meantime, it’s open for edits. I missed this post and spent a lot of time writing yesterday.

    I can just edit to my heart’s content, and if MediaWiki accepts my changes, I can rest easy that they won’t be lost in the shuffle—right?

  2. As long as the MediaWiki MDC accepts your edits, they won’t be lost in the transition.

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