Aug 192008

The Mozilla Developer Center is now up and running on MindTouch Deki. Enjoy, and please let me know of any problems. I’m sure there are going to be a few things to clean up, but I’ve done everything on my list of stuff to do before things roll out.

I expect to work on Wednesday but am currently planning to be conspicuously hard to reach on Thursday and Friday.

My thanks to the guys in IT and webdev as well as, of course, the fine folks at MindTouch for all their hard work making this happen!

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  4 Responses to “MDC on Deki now alive!”

  1. I have never heard of Deki and so don’t know why it’s being mentioned so much, but anyway the layout looks quite nice.

    However, all my bookmarks and history (lots of XUL references etc.) are now broken. Do the MindTouch or Mozilla people plan to redirect the existing URLs to the new format as part of the migration (of course, Cool URIs don’t change ;))? Hopefully the search engines will be quick to figure out the changes either way..!

  2. There are already redirects in place; your bookmarks should be working. If they aren’t, please give me some examples so I can look into it. Thanks!

  3. The links in search results are using “” instead of “”
    This highlight is really unnecessary.

  4. The highlighting can be removed by clicking the link at the top of the article’s body. However, I’ve also filed a ticket with MindTouch requesting that users have a preference they can use to disable the highlighting by default.

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