Aug 202008

We successfully relaunched the Mozilla Developer Center on MindTouch Deki tonight, as I’ve blogged previously. There are a few outstanding issues, though, so I thought I’d throw together a list of the ones that I know of off the top of my head.

  • The link at the bottom of each page that’s supposed to offer information about copyrights and licenses just sends you to the main page. This is a high priority item that should be fixed tomorrow (Wednesday, August 20th).
  • We haven’t installed the localized skins yet. I’m going to try to get the ones we have installed in the next few days, hopefully by the middle of next week.
  • There are some broken redirects from bookmarks and links to pages on the old site. These should all be redirecting correctly but a few are not. We hope to fix that in the next day or two at most.
  • There are some templates that will still need fixing. I have fixed the ones I know of, but I’m certain there are more. Please feel free to fix these if you spot them!
  • The presentations and sample code that were on the old server haven’t been migrated yet to the new one. This will be addressed shortly. This one is all about me completely forgetting about them. Files such as these will actually eventually be migrated into attachments in the new wiki.
  • There are some folks who would like to be able to choose to use a version of the site that uses a sidebar instead of the drop-down menus we have right now. I’ll investigate this, but it’s going to be a longer-term project. Don’t expect to see a lot of movement on this for a while.
  • “About MDC” takes you to a really basic page with information about MindTouch Deki. I plan to change that to take you to the MDC project page instead, hopefully soon.

I’m sure we’ll find other things that need to be attended to, but this is a good starting list. I’m also working on formulating a list of priorities for things we’d like MindTouch to investigate doing for their next major release after the imminent release of their Kilen Woods update.

We actually already have a number of the Kilen Woods improvements, since some of them were items we requested specifically.

I’ll blog again soon with details on the requests I’ll be making of MindTouch for their next release. Hopefully, if we’re really nice to those guys, we’ll get even more of the awesome stuff we want and need!

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  8 Responses to “MDC relaunch to-do list”

  1. This is looking good. A couple of quick comments now I come to mention it, the styles seem to be very faint. By which I mean important notes that were strongly highlighted in red and yellow previously are only vaguely noticeable now, these could do with being beefed up a bit I feel. Likewise the headings don’t seem to stand out quite as much as they did.

    Also is there no way to edit individual sections as there used to be? That used to be quite useful.

  2. Ok ignore the section editing bit, just spotted it ;)

  3. I would habitually append ‘MDC’ to my Google search string whenever I wanted MDC information. It doesn’t look like the acronym appears in the title so I won’t be able to do this any more. Shame.

  4. That was pretty smooth – thanks.
    Many of my bookmarks are broken which is a pain.
    Will the skins sort out the fonts? They are small and spidery on Ubuntu and the siongle column layout means a lot more scrolling around on topic home pages. Overall I find it less readable than the old one.

  5. I think the text color still seems a bit too light / low-contrast.

  6. Mossop:

    Several people have issues with the styles. I’m going to look into tweaking some of those things once other more substantial issues are settled.

    Steve Lee:

    The broken bookmarks are a known bug and we’re working on it.

    The topic home pages should still be two-column as they always were; that layout didn’t change. If you’re seeing just one column, something’s seriously broken somewhere.

  7. Is there a way to make the changes in the watchlist link to a diff? And look at a diff that only includes the changed paragraphs instead of the whole page? (Like diff -u3 or so?)

    Are there no other themes any more that I can select for my profile? At least the default one loads much faster than before…

  8. Peter:

    No; that’s one of the bugs I have filed with MindTouch.

    As for other themes, no, we have one theme for all users now.

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