Aug 212008

Yesterday, I said I’d blog again with information about my priorities for things I’d like to see MindTouch fix or implement in Deki. I’ve written up a living priority list (“living” meaning that I continue to update it as ideas occur to me). There are presently 13 items on the list, arranged in order of importance. MindTouch is aware of this list, and hopefully will work on some of this stuff once their impending Kilen Woods release is done.

The transition has generally gone smoothly. The few complaints have been relatively minor, except for the problem with a number of redirects not working correctly, which is being worked on. Some of the broken redirects have already been fixed, but there are some that still don’t work.

I’ll continue to post as more things get resolved.

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  5 Responses to “Changes we need in Deki”

  1. Are you going to guest blog at MindTouch? I’m looking forward to this.

    I’m still amazed that even with the last minute change in server deployment configuration the site managed to still launch smoothly. :-)

  2. Can we make the search results favour results in En (or whatever the users language). Currently I search for “code snippets” and the English page is third below a user page and a Korean page which seems out of whack. Oddly searching for “file i/o” doesn’t seem to fine the File I/O snippets at all.

  3. Hopefully replacing “302 Found” by “301 Moved Permanently” is one of the redirect issues being worked on? Search engines won’t replace the old links if the server is telling them that these links only changed temporarily.

  4. Aaron:

    Yes, I’m going to guest blog. I’ll try to get to it in the next couple of days.


    Yes, that’s something that needs to be done. For now, you can choose a language to filter on after you do your search, but I agree that it needs to default to your current language.

  5. Wladimir Palant:

    I’m not aware of the “302 Found” issue. Can you give me an example of where that happens?

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