Aug 222008

I’ve added <dd> and <dt> to the Styles menu, which will help when editing topic main pages, among other things.

Also, the licenses link in the page footer now goes to Project:Copyrights, which actually has the copyright information on it.

Most but not all of the redirect problems have apparently been fixed, and the rest are actively being worked on. Hopefully that headache will be behind us soon!

The localized skin files are all in place but aren’t being used for some reason. I’ve sent email to MindTouch and the skin’s designer to ask for advice on what might be causing that problem.

I’ve not yet fixed the About MDC link, but will be working on that soon.

I have a Deki VM set up here at home; my plan is to clone MDC onto it over the next few days so that I can do my work on that, thereby allowing myself to test changes before unleashing them out on the world.

So things are improving each day. I’m pretty pleased with how things are going. Nobody’s threatened me with bodily harm, and as everyone knows, that’s a sure sign of a successful launch!

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