Aug 232008

Since Friday afternoon, I’ve been dabbling a bit with MDC. We deployed a minor skin update that causes the Copyright link in the footer to work.

Then I got bolder, and installed a clone of MDC on a VM at home, so that I could do some more serious work.

Awaiting deployment is a new update that includes updated Italian and Japanese localizations of the skin (I didn’t do these myself, of course). In addition, the “About MDC” link in the page footer now directs to the current language’s MDC project page. On top of that, the site now offers an alternate stylesheet that uses black text, slightly darker colors for the links, and sans-serif fonts.

The alternate style sheet is something of a test, since as things stand you’d have to choose it every time you go to a page. If people vastly prefer it, I’ll consider making it the default (even though I personally like the look of the current default style sheet better, this isn’t about me).

You can get a peek at what the alternate stylesheet looks like.

I’ll post again when this update is actually deployed. I don’t expect it to happen until Monday at the earliest.

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