Aug 202008

We successfully relaunched the Mozilla Developer Center on MindTouch Deki tonight, as I’ve blogged previously. There are a few outstanding issues, though, so I thought I’d throw together a list of the ones that I know of off the top of my head.

  • The link at the bottom of each page that’s supposed to offer information about copyrights and licenses just sends you to the main page. This is a high priority item that should be fixed tomorrow (Wednesday, August 20th).
  • We haven’t installed the localized skins yet. I’m going to try to get the ones we have installed in the next few days, hopefully by the middle of next week.
  • There are some broken redirects from bookmarks and links to pages on the old site. These should all be redirecting correctly but a few are not. We hope to fix that in the next day or two at most.
  • There are some templates that will still need fixing. I have fixed the ones I know of, but I’m certain there are more. Please feel free to fix these if you spot them!
  • The presentations and sample code that were on the old server haven’t been migrated yet to the new one. This will be addressed shortly. This one is all about me completely forgetting about them. Files such as these will actually eventually be migrated into attachments in the new wiki.
  • There are some folks who would like to be able to choose to use a version of the site that uses a sidebar instead of the drop-down menus we have right now. I’ll investigate this, but it’s going to be a longer-term project. Don’t expect to see a lot of movement on this for a while.
  • “About MDC” takes you to a really basic page with information about MindTouch Deki. I plan to change that to take you to the MDC project page instead, hopefully soon.

I’m sure we’ll find other things that need to be attended to, but this is a good starting list. I’m also working on formulating a list of priorities for things we’d like MindTouch to investigate doing for their next major release after the imminent release of their Kilen Woods update.

We actually already have a number of the Kilen Woods improvements, since some of them were items we requested specifically.

I’ll blog again soon with details on the requests I’ll be making of MindTouch for their next release. Hopefully, if we’re really nice to those guys, we’ll get even more of the awesome stuff we want and need!

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Aug 192008

The Mozilla Developer Center is now up and running on MindTouch Deki. Enjoy, and please let me know of any problems. I’m sure there are going to be a few things to clean up, but I’ve done everything on my list of stuff to do before things roll out.

I expect to work on Wednesday but am currently planning to be conspicuously hard to reach on Thursday and Friday.

My thanks to the guys in IT and webdev as well as, of course, the fine folks at MindTouch for all their hard work making this happen!

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Aug 182008

We received the converted data from MindTouch this morning, and webdev has signed off on their tests, so now it’s in the capable hands of the IT folks at Mozilla to get things set up.

I’m sure we’ll have some rough spots for a bit while we finish the transition, but it looks like we’re on for tomorrow evening’s launch.

I don’t yet know when IT expects to have the server ready for testing. I’ll blog further as things proceed, and as I have more information.

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Aug 152008

The database and attachments packages were received by MindTouch late last night, and the conversion process is now underway. Assuming all goes well, we’ll receive the converted database on Monday so that we can have a day for configuration and testing before we go live on Tuesday.

It’s all very exciting and I expect to be very anxious all weekend.

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Aug 142008

As I write this, Mozilla IT is in the process of making the Mozilla Developer Center read-only so the database export can begin. Once that’s done, we’ll send it along to MindTouch so they can start converting it into MindTouch Deki format.

We expect to open the wiki up on the new software on Tuesday evening. The conversion of the database will take two to three days. By starting now, we have a little extra time to deal with any problems that come up during the process.

This means that for the next few days, it will not be possible to edit the documentation. This is unfortunate but necessary, to ensure that no content gets lost in the transition. Just stockpile your changes for a few days and we’ll open it back up as soon as we can after the transition.

Thanks for your patience! This is an exciting time for MDC!

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Aug 122008

Unfortunately, we ran into a hiccup with the MediaWiki to MindTouch Deki converter tool that requires a bug fix to the converter and a new test conversion.

The new test conversion should be finished tomorrow, but that means it will be at best Friday and more likely Monday before we can get the final, full conversion of the current MDC database finished.

For that reason, we’re postponing the MDC relaunch. I’m hoping for Tuesday, August 19th, but can’t say so for sure until I get confirmation that that date works for everyone involved. I’ll post again when I know.

It’s entirely possible I may opt to spend all day Friday hiding under my bed and trembling. If you don’t see me online, that’s where I am.

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Aug 122008

Sometime shortly, MDC should be going read-only so we can begin the process of converting the content for the Deki transition. I’ve asked IT to do it, and as soon as they get into the office and caffeinated or whatever they do when they first come in, hopefully that will begin.

The conversion process will take a couple of days, so we need to start it now, even though we still have one outstanding issue that needs to be addressed before the transition can take place (the “what links here” feature is currently not working on the Deki test site). MindTouch is looking into that problem, and we’re going to operate under the assumption that it’s a minor hiccup in configuration that we can fix easily in time.

There are other outstanding issues but they’re not big enough to be worth another delay, and tickets have been filed appropriately to get them investigated.

The only issue for which there’s no ticket are the scant handful of people who’ve suggested they’d like changes to the skin. These are things we can investigate after things settle down a bit.

Please be patient while we get this done; I’m very excited to finally be on the cusp of getting this show on the road!

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Aug 112008

The final testing before we launch the new MDC is underway now. The import has been confirmed valid, and the tags look good. Webdev is doing some final security tests, and IT should be doing performance tests tomorrow.

In the meantime, please hit the new MDC and look to see if there are any showstopping problems you can find! It’s almost showtime!

By the way, I’m aware the histories for articles on the test wiki are empty. In order to save time during the test, we didn’t import the histories. These will be preserved when we do the final import.

Also, it’s important to note that I expect we will close MDC for editing sometime tomorrow (Tuesday, August 12th) in preparation for the transition.

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Aug 092008

So the MDC test server is running an updated MindTouch Deki now, but for some reason the tags aren’t working. I’m doing another rebuild of the site index, hoping that I’m insane and forgot to do it the first time. If that doesn’t help, then I’ll have to get some help from the kind folks at MindTouch to figure out what’s wrong, since getting the tags working right was the point to this last update.

If the index rebuild works, we should be in good shape to do the final day of testing on Monday, which gives us time to lock down the current MDC and pull the database over in time to get the new site launched on Thursday.

If this tagging problem doesn’t resolve easily, we may have another delay on our hands.

Still working hard to make sure we get this done right the first time!

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