Sep 042008

Today I fixed a few pages in the XUL Reference that were using unsupported MediaWiki commands to do conditional text. While Deki supports conditional text, it doesn’t yet offer the ability to look at the name of the page including another, so we’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way for a while. I also fixed an amusing typo in the XULRef template. Oops.

I’ve also checked into SVN some more changes to the skin for the site, this time changing the default fonts from serif to sans-serif, in response to popular demand. The print version should still be using sans-serif fonts, for easier reading on paper. I’ve filed a ticket with IT to get this revision activated on the server; hopefully that will happen in the next day or two.

I know a lot of folks are still frustrated with the new site, but I continue to hope that as people get used to the changes they’ll grow to like it. And, of course, now that MindTouch has finished the Killen Woods release of Deki, I’ll be able to hound them incessently — without guilt — to make more changes to make our lives better. Bwwwahahahaha!!


As I was saying, we’ve got plenty to do still. Most of the good feedback, including folks pointing out serious problems, didn’t come until after the launch, which is why there are so many rough edges at the moment. We’ll get them ironed out. It’s my mission in life to do so. And that’s not even hyperbole; it’s my job to make MDC rock, and that’s what we’ll do. Even if it takes a little longer than everyone would like.

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