Sep 182008

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been swapping emails with a couple folks at MindTouch about what to expect in the next release of Deki, and things are looking quite promising.  I’ve updated my “MindTouch Deki bug priorities” page with some information based on those discussions, indicating which items on the list are most likely to get resolved.

For your my entertainment, I’ll repeat myself and touch on some of them here.

The diff tool will be improved, although the extent to which it’s done is uncertain yet.  However, there will be a link to the diffs on the recent changes page, and the RSS feed of “what’s new” will only show the parts of articles that have changed instead of including the entire thing.  Whew!

There will also be per-language RSS feeds for what’s new, which will take a load off everyone’s feed reader.

Support will be added for adding edit summaries when committing changes.  In addition, users will be able to configure whether or not they want search terms to be highlighted on search result pages.

There are a ton of other things that are coming as well, including some interesting new features that, if they work out the way they’re being planned, may really shape up to be extremely useful for us.  Time will tell.

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