Sep 182008

Tonight we’ll be upgrading the Mozilla Developer Center web site to the latest version of MindTouch Deki: the 8.08 (Kilen Woods) release.  The version we’re running currently is a waypoint in between the 8.05 release and the 8.08 release, so it will be nice to be on a production version.

Among other things, this will get us improved PDF printing support and fixes a few bugs, including a few minor security issues.  Some of the changes listed are things we already have (such as using FCKeditor by default).

After the upgrade, there may be some configuration changes made.  We’ll see how things go on that front.  I have filed a ticket with IT to disable the search term highlighting feature, which has gotten me a lot of complaints.  We’ll probably turn it back on once users are able to configure it themselves.

I’ve been exchanging email with the folks at MindTouch, and it looks like the vast majority of the things our users (and myself) have been concerned about will be addressed in the next release of Deki, codenamed Lyons.  I’m quite excited — some of the stuff is being addressed in innovative ways that have potential to totally reshape how we do things for the better.

I’ll go into more detail on that as things develop, but if you poke around the MindTouch site, you can find some information on what they’re working on.

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  1. Bastards!! They’ve changed the name on me!! I dubbed it “Lac Qui Parle” over a year ago! I have no clout here…I’m dying inside… ;-)

  2. […] filed on bug 456376, the toolbar for editing form doesn’t appear to the screen after MDC/Deki 8.08 upgrade. And, it depends on the scrolling position of the screen. Immediate aftermath we click the edit […]

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