Sep 212008

For some reason, I’m awake painfully early this morning, so I figured I’d blog a bit about our first day of vacation.  We arrived at the beach house we’re renting around 4 PM yesterday.  Interestingly, we found out that due to an air conditioning problem in the original cottage we were going to be in, we got moved to the beachfront unit!  Our patio opens right out onto the beach.  Sweet!

We took Sophie down to the beach shortly before sunset.  Sarah figured she’d play in the sand a bit and that would be it, but I suggested we put Sophie in her bathing suit anyway just in case.  Good thing, too — she was quite adamant that she go into the water.  So she and I waded around in the surf for a while, me clinging to her hand to make sure it didn’t knock her over.

We’ll go back down this morning and bring her life vest along so she can have a little more fun.  We’ll also bring some toys so she can really get into playing in the sand.

This assumes the weather clears up.  Right now it’s a little cold and foggy out.

Sarah has some friends here in Florida; one of them is coming by to visit with her daughter (I think) this evening.

My primary goal for this vacation remains to do as little as I can get away with.

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